Drobex Company sets the most important target of their activity to produce safe, healthy, and tasty food, satisfying consumers’ tastes.
We strive for that through the following activities:
implementation and maintenance of the haccp quality system, which guarantees appropriate production conditions and prevents any dangers of produced food
we systematically monitor the quality of purchased raw materials and packaging as well as we cooperate only with suppliers providing the highest quality of offered products and services.
We are constantly improving the organization of production, upgrading manufacturing processes as well as increasing efficiency. We try to eliminate excessive energy consumption, which is intended to reduce production costs and environment protection.
We run our business in accordance with binding law. We also rely on requirements written down in specifications and contracts.
We carefully follow changes of eating trends in the market, what allows us to adapt quickly and flexibly to our consumers’ expectations.
We feel we share responsibility for the environment condition and in all stages of our production we take into account the requirements of environment protection.
In the interest of our employees we try to provide convenient work conditions as well as we put emphasis on respecting safety and health protection rules.
Through regular training we constantly raise qualifications of our employees. Thus, they are aware that individual action make up the harmonious operations of the entire enterprises.
In functioning of our company we follow the high standards of business ethics. It concerns both our customers and suppliers.